Stefan Böttcher

Stefan Böttcher



Senior Portfolio Manager, Emerging and Frontier Markets

Stefan Bottcher joined Fiera Capital (Europe) in 2001 as the Chief Investment Officer. He was responsible for building the investment team and led the firm’s transition from a dedicated Emerging Europe Manager to a leading Global Emerging Markets manager.  

Stefan was previously at Schroders Investment Management where he was an Executive Director and Head of Global Emerging Markets (Eastern Europe, Med. Europe and the Middle East). Prior to joining Schroders, Stefan was a Director with Flemings Investment Management for nine years. At Flemings, he set up the Emerging European and Middle East Desk, which he headed for more than six years. Stefan began his career as an analyst at W.I.Carr and Marcard, Stein & Co. in London and Frankfurt, respectively. He has been investing in Emerging Markets for over 30 years.

Stefan is a member of the OAKS team.

Stefan holds a degree in Business and Administration from the Fachhochschule der Deutschen Bundesbank (Central Bank of Germany).